Like the Pacific RIM Film, Robot Controlled By People

Imagine how the fifth-generation telecommunications technology a.k.a 5G? Well, one of implementation is to control a robot like in the film Pacific rim. In the science fiction movie, a giant robot called Jaeger is controlled by two people. Of the robot body, the two men had complete control, including to fight monsters threatening the earth.
The forerunner of the robot in the Pacific RIM
movie may have been initiated, namely through 5G technology. In the event Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015 in Barcelona, ​​Spain, SK Telecom booth attracted attention with their 5G demo. If talking 5G, the speed of the internet is no longer an issue. The spotlight is, what can you do with the telecommunications technology innovation. Just a note, demo access 5G performed SK Telecom can reach speeds of 7550 Mbps or 7.5 Gbps translucent!
As a result of this data transfer rate can be used for something much more complicated, such as controlling the robot. Indeed, the robot is controlled not by Jaeger in the film Pacific rim. Most of about 150 cm in height. But he was able to move according to what the 'master'. In the demo shown, a woman who uses a complete equipment from foot to head standing right next to the robot. He then raised his hands were immediately followed by the robot.
The woman then perform more complicated movements such as lifting the foot and swaying like the jig. Shaped humanoid robot that can also be followed by a similar. Cool! If you see this, it looks like the story in the movie Pacific RIM which man is able to control a giant robot is no longer merely a dream.

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