This Cool Robot Could Speak Sign Language

Japanese robot manufacturer was king of the world. Toshiba, for example, one of the electronic giants in the land of cherry was just released Aiko Chihira, a humanoid robot that can communicate using sign language. Robot, dubbed 'android communication' was introduced to the public this week in the event of Cutting-Edge IT & Electronics Comprehensive Exhibition (CEATEC) 2014, in Japan.
Beautiful robot is designed optimally moving his arms and hands by hiring 43 actuators, so as to speak with Japanese sign language. Saturday (11/10/2014), the ability of the robot is still limited. Aiko can only imitate simple movements, such as the greeting. However, Toshiba plans to develop a communication robot Aiko becomes fully in 2020 later.
The development includes the ability to understand human speech, the response of the human voice, robot control, and other sensor. Despite those all, the Toshiba is the ultimate goal of this robot can serve and accompany the elderly and people with dementia (dementia), communicate using sign language, and allow health workers or family to watch over the elderly.
In its development, Toshiba is not alone. Toshiba in collaboration with Osaka University, which since long has developed a humanoid robot. Toshiba supplies the University with technology to create a robot that is similar to humans.
In addition to the University of Osaka, and Shonan Shibaura Institute of Technology also contribute in terms of teaching technology-based motion sensors and robot control technology. Meanwhile, Toshiba is in charge of making algorithms that control and coordinate the robot actuators.

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